Transport Management Centre: Program Review and Recovery

This engagement involved developing a 4 year roadmap Transport for the Transport Management Centre (TMC), supported by a project governance model, delivery capability, and engagement model with the TfNSW technology partner. The introduction of a number of initiatives across the Transport cluster by NSW (TfNSW) to combat the congestion problem, including the Easing Sydney’s Congestion strategy required the TMC to deliver several programs to support to support this strategy. These programs of work were designed to increase the business capabilities of the Transport Management Centre (TMC) through a combination of technology enhancements supported by people and process change including a design of the future state organisation.

For this engagement Brighten Consulting adopted a collaborative approach with a focus on driving ownership of the change into the business. Brighten worked closely with key stakeholders from the TMC and their technology partner to develop all engagement deliverables and incorporate change management activities in order to increase buy-in, ownership, engagement and delivery success.

The engagement included the delivery of a current state assessment, stakeholder map and communications plan, validated roadmap including a project overview for each initiative in the initial financial year, an engagement model that included set of engagement principles, RACI, processes, frameworks, methodologies and tools , a Transition Plan to implement the agreed Engagement Model, a program governance model including templates for all deliverables such as status reports, concept briefs etc, and a pipeline management capability including processes, templates and prioritisation tools.

A key focus for the engagement was stakeholder management to achieve alignment at every level, change management activities to achieve buy-in and ownership and mentoring to achieve an uplift in project delivery capability.